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Dear Californians: Stop Whining, Start Voting!

Photo credit: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Look, California, stop it. I cannot control who is on the ballot in June or in November. I cannot help it if you are not excited if a Republican does not make it to the General election in November.  Personally, I am excited about voting to repeal the gas tax. I would hope that everyone is. Passing this repeal is do-able. The majority of Californians are unhappy with the gas tax. We complain about the state of things in CA, someone does something about it, it gets on the ballot and then no one shows up. It needs to be different this Nov. I think it will be because so many of us helped with the effort. We helped on social media, gathering signatures, giving money, etc. It’s the most important thing on the ballot in my opinion, and that goes for June and Nov (since the June ballot has a measure requiring the funds to be used on roads). Then, the big one, the repeal on the Nov ballot.

I don’t know if any Republicans will be on your Nov ballot but I do know that the gas tax repeal initiative will be. Further, it’s politicians, including a Republican, who imposed this tax on us. I’m always more excited about repealing anything that is costing me money, or voting for something that will save me money, than voting for any politician. In  1978, when Prop 13 was voted in, it took a lot of motivated voters to get to the polls to vote for it.  My parents were among them.  And though I was too young to vote, I appreciate those votes and am still reaping the rewards of that particular election. In fact, the 40th anniversary of the passing of Prop 13 is June 6th, 2018, the day after primary day,  and it’s still as popular now as it was when it passed. How better to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this great taxpayer revolt than by showing up at the polls yourselves?

I am tired of seeing all the posts about how Texas beats CA. One thing Texas lags behind CA in is in property taxes. They are FAR higher in TX than in CA, both in percentage and in our case, when we priced homes in TX, in dollars. So, God Bless Prop 13 and those who voted for it all those years ago. Similarly, this gas tax repeal will save future generations of Californians significant money. If you don’t get out and vote, it won’t pass. So please, stop whining about something that may not ever be again in our lifetimes, a Republican Governor of California. Start talking to the Millennials about that. Do plan on voting in both June and November for the gas tax repeal. I will appreciate it, future drivers will appreciate it, your kids will appreciate it, and the many people who worked hard to get this on the ballot will appreciate it! .

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