Senator Rand Paul at The Reagan Library

Update.  Disregard everything in this post.  I’m a Rubio Girl!

I’m just linking to the video. I’ve watched the speech twice now and I was pleasantly startled several times. Mostly, I was caught off balance at how much he spoke to me, a native Californian and a conservative. Like many others I’ve had pre-conceived notions about self described libertarians. Imagine my surprise when I find myself nodding in the affirmative to many of the concepts Senator Paul discusses.

It’s not that I don’t understand the basic tenets of libertarianism; I do. It’s just that there seem to be 50 shades of libertarians. All that aside, his shade speaks to me. He calls himself a “Libertarian, Conservative, Republican.” I like that. He’s not shirking from the Republican bit. Nor do I. He talks about how to win in California. He’s spot on. I may not be a political pro but I am an expert on my native state.

Mostly though, he speaks to me when he talks of “passion.” I had it. I was even known for it. I lost it somewhere around 2010 when the conservative sweep came to a screeching halt right around the Rocky Mountains. Passion. Rand Paul sparked a bit of it during his infamous filibuster and he sparked it again last night during this speech.

I still have questions. It’s early days. We don’t even know (for sure) if he’s running but, this speech put the Senator from Kentucky on my radar. I hope you’ll take some time and watch it.

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