“For Death Is In My Wings” Rest in peace Captain Haney.

Air Force: Capt. Jeffrey Haney, missing pilot from Jackson County, died in crash

Captain Jeffrey Haney has died in the service to his Country.  I have no words to describe the sorrow I feel, but take solace in this poem:

The Aeroplane

I sweep the skies with fire and steel
My highway is the cloud
I swoop, I soar, aloft I wheel
My engine laughing loud
I fight with gleaming blades the wind
That dares dispute my path
I leave the howling storm behind
I ride upon it’s wrath.

I laugh to see your tiny world
Your toys of ships, your cars
I rove an endless road unfurled
Where the mile stones are the stars
And far below, men wait and peer
For what my coming brings
I fill their quaking hearts with fear
For death…is in my wings.

— Gordon Boshell

Rest in peace, Captain Haney. You fly with Angels now.

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