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Whiskey Tango Facebook

I cannot take it anymore.  This is the first in a series on social media etiquette.  I work and interact in social media. I’ve seen a lot.  Much of it is good, some is bad, and occasionally, it’s horrid.  I find myself saying, Whiskey Tango Facebook far too often.  I’ve made errors myself and, I’ve learned from them.   If you choose to read this, know that it comes from first hand experience.   Hopefully this advice will cause you to think before you post.

The event that precipitated this post is something that I’ve seen time and again. In fact, it’s happened to me.  Yesterday, another friend found out about his parent’s hospitalization via a public Facebook post.   It upset him, it upset me and it’s time someone writes about it.  I tend to eschew the posting of social media “rules” but, some basic SoMe etiquette guidance is obviously in order.  One should never find out about the serious illness or death of a close friend of family member via social media…EVER!

In my experience, the offenders of this rule are not the much maligned millennials.  I have some words of wisdom for them also but this particular post is directed at those older and ahem, wiser folks.  So, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

There is no way to dance around this; some families are dysfunctional. Sometimes there are family issues so messy that it precludes a personalized phone call.   I understand this.  Still, it is simply unacceptable to find out about the serious illness of a relative on Facebook.  Posting about a death before all family members and close friends have been notified is also verboten. It should go without saying but, it happens.   A text message is not ok either (unless you all decide as a family that this is how you will communicate).   A serious illness, hospitalization and especially a death require a phone call.   Yes, I said “require.”

Requirements though are often dismissed when there is a family dynamic such that certain people do not “speak” to one another.  If that’s your situation, you must find a solution that takes this into account.  If you know that a phone call is impossible, you must have another plan.  First, I suggest that you find an impartial person (an aunt or uncle, niece or nephew) that is designated as the communications person for the family.   I encourage having a back up person as well.   This sounds simple but it can be a bit complex as the designated “comms” person will have to have HIPAA authority, (legal authority to obtain private medical information), as to the status of the health of the family member. Without getting too far in the weeds, HIPAA is the law that protects patient confidentiality.  Everyone should have a person or two that is designated (in writing), to be the recipient of a patient’s medical information.  In other words, have a point person for medical personnel to be able to legally disclose medical information to.  Most hospitals and Dr. Offices will have HIPAA waiver forms.  The forms must be filled out before there is an emergent situation.  A copy must be on file with the patient’s hospital and Dr but I also suggest that the family communications person also carry a hard copy of the HIPAA release with them.  All of this requires some pre emergency planning.

For the severely dysfunctional family that can not manage a phone call, here’s an idea worth exploring and yes, it involves Facebook.  You can create a closed Facebook group for such eventualities.  You need not even be Facebook friends to be in a group together.  Such a group, for example, could be called “The Smith Family Medical Group.”   Everyone sets their notifications for the group to ON.  The person who is the designated communicator can then post the details of an illness or other emergency in that group.  When I say details, I do so purposefully.  The post should include ALL the specifics of what is known about the patient.  The following could be an example of such a post:

“Dear All:  This is to let you know that Dad (Jim) is at Cedar General Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  His Dr. Is Susan Jones, M.D.  The phone number to the nurse’s station is 555-555-5555.  He is currently in the surgical ward being evaluated for possible gallstones.  He is stable and they are managing his pain.  He had an ultrasound and they are discussing the benefits and risks of a possible surgery.    If they decide to go forward with the surgery, they will do it via laparoscopy so the incisions and the recovery time will be easier.  He’s also on intravenous antibiotics (and they do know of his allergy to Penicillin).  He’s currently on a liquid only diet.  The surgeon will evaluate him at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5th.  We will know more then and I will update in this group immediately after we know something more.

Dr. Jones asks that family not call his room at this time as he is sedated from the pain medication and sleep is the best thing for him.  I am the point person and Joe is the back up.  One of us will keep you informed if anything changes prior to the above appointment.  If you have any questions, please post below and I will ask the Dr. tomorrow.  That’s what we know at the moment.  He’s doing fine, is not in horrible pain and they will decide on a treatment plan tomorrow.   I will be in touch shortly thereafter.  As specified in our group rules (above in the doc), please LIKE or comment once you have seen this.  Please do not post anything in the public timeline on social media until all group members have seen this.  After that, remember dad’s wishes for privacy and keep everything on social media in general terms.

Thanks all.  Tracy. “

In other words, if you go this route, be specific, clear and cautious.  Take time to think of all of the questions you would have if you were on the receiving end of such a message. DO have some group rules decided upon before hand and posted in the group document.   It’s not ideal, but with so many extended families, dysfunctional families and people that do not use common sense on social media, it’s the best I could come up with.  Perhaps you can think of something better.  If so, go for it but whatever you decide, make sure all family members (yes, even that person) knows, is on board, and that the “rules” are clear.

Oddly enough the aforementioned, much maligned millennials seem to have grasped some of the SoMe etiquette better than the Gen Xers, the in-betweeners and the Baby Boomers.   Worry not.  I have equal generational critique enough to go around.  For example, I plan on addressing how the (much maligned) millennials have no freaking clue how to write a snail mail thank you note.  That is another post entirely and one I plan on writing soon.

Please, do not wait until this becomes an issue for your family.  Make a plan, set up some guidelines and make sure all concerned persons are on board.  Duke it out before there is an illness, accident or death.  When that time comes, it’s stressful enough without letting SoMe drama exacerbate the already stressful time. No one ought to be the recipient of bad news regarding a family member via social media.  Share this post far and wide.  Get a plan, and use it.  Please and thank you.

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We have asked you to circulate a petition to President Obama and gather at least 100,000 signatures.  You’ve done that.  While we are awaiting his (hopeful) response we feel we must help Andrew on many fronts.  With that in mind, we are once again asking for your assistance.  It is time for all citizens to contact their elected representatives.  Some of you are familiar with doing this and others may not be.  Fear not, we will walk you through the process.

1)      Find your representatives.  Every citizen has one U.S. Congressperson and two Senators.  We ask that you write, call and possibly tweet all of them.

For starters, enter your zip code on this site, hit enter and it will bring up both your Congressperson and two Senators

You now have your three representatives.  Click on the name of the first representative and it will take you to all of his/her contact information.  Included you will see their DC Address, phone number, Fax number, email contact form, their website information (which generally includes their Facebook page) and, their twitter user name.  You will also see choices for their local office contact information.  It is up to you whether you choose to contact their D.C. office or their local office, or both.

Next, return to the homepage (above).  Click on your next representative and repeat the above steps.  Finally, return to the homepage, click on your third representative and repeat.

Now, draft your correspondence or phone your representative.  It is unlikely you will reach your representative directly but, you can try.  If not, please leave a message for them.

Finally, you may choose to tweet or Facebook them.  Most of Congress is on twitter and/or Facebook.

The most effective channels of communicating with Congress, in order, is as follows:

1)      A “Snail Mail” letter.  These letters are logged and recorded and must be responded to.

2)      An Email letter.  These letters are also supposed to be logged but it is not as traceable as a “snail mail” letter.  Also, tech is not perfect.

3)      A phone call.  We suggest calling both the D.C. office and the local office of all three of your representatives.

4)      A tweet.  It HAS happened that a tweet to a representative has been responded to but, there is no requirement or guarantee that they will respond.

5)      A Facebook post.  The problem with this is that most members of Congress have their FB set so that you can only comment on a post that they have put up.  It is the least effective method of communication and one that will likely not be seen or responded to.

All of that said, if you can, we suggest doing ALL of the above.

What to say?  That is entirely up to you.  We can only offer suggestions.  When writing, the subject line should be “Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, imprisoned in Mexico.”   We suggest you stay on point.  Do not bring other factors (ie illegal immigration to the U.S. and or Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl) into the discussion.  Ask for their help.  You want them to intercede and help free Sgt. Tahmooressi.  Ask them to please contact Secretary of State John Kerry.  Be concise, stick to facts. Do NOT make threats.  Be professional and courteous.  Keep it brief.  This is an effort to elicit help from Congress and the State Department on behalf of Sgt. Tahmooressi, not a letter to air all of your grievances.  You may wish to do that in a separate letter and, we encourage that if you so choose.  Our elected officials represent us and this is a proper and appropriate request.

A sample could be “Sgt. Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican Prison for over two months for a wrong turn into Mexico”… etc.

You may wish to include your contact information and request a return phone call or email etc.  Let’s slam the phone lines, crash the servers and jam the Fax lines.

This is a major “CONTACT CONGRESS” push.  If you’ve no idea what to say, please message the Facebook page for Sgt. Tahmooressi here and someone will assist you.

Finally, post this link on your Facebook page, tweet it, email it.  Let’s get everyone involved in this.  Send it to any person or entity that you may know that can be of assistance.  Once done, please post on the Facebook page (above) what you have done as it encourages others to act as well.  Let’s do this!

On behalf of the Tahmooressi family and our entire effort to free Andrew, thank you.

I am on twitter at @hipEchik

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Tragedy On The Mountain In Tennessee

The Einwechter Family
The Einwechter Family

I came across this tragedy on my friend Suzi’s Facebook page and I have to do something.   If you can help this family, please do.  I’ve linked to a local news source’s piece on this as well.  Monique, Jonathan David, and Titus were rescued from the vehicle,  but Elise, 3 and Enoch, 6 weeks drowned.

When Suzi informed us of this horrible accident she wrote :

“Imagine, if you can, putting an addition on your house so your daughter and son-in-law and their kids could move in with you, and being so excited about it because you want nothing more than to have the whole family together.
The kids arrive and you get to spend the day together…11 whole hours…, holding your new grand-baby for the first time, but you’re worried about the babies smelling the paint fumes in the new room because you just finished painting so you send them off to spend the night with friends.

They don’t make it out of the driveway because the road is narrow as it crosses the dam holding in the pond and your daughter miscalculates in the dark and into the water the car goes.

She’s able to unbuckle her seatbelt and get 2 of the kids out. Her husband jumps up on the vehicle to help”…

The grandfather…our friend…jumps in and is able to get his fingers on the buttons of the car seat restraints but the water is murky and 35 degrees and he can’t get the baby out.

By the time the EMTs arrive you’ve been able to get the mother out but her lungs are filled with mud and she’s freezing and you have her covered in 20 blankets and you’ve put on your Navy diving gear, going in over and over again, but it’s been 35 minutes and you still can’t see to get to the children.

How do you hold this? How do you ever look at your dream farm the same again? How do you cross that dam, day in and day out? How do you put pieces together whose glue had never had a chance to dry?

The entire community is coming together to provide help and support for the Einwechter family but additional financial help is needed.  Can we help them not have an immediate financial burden? Thank you all.

The Jonathan Einwechter Family Charity Fund

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Dog Blog: Sugar Needs a Home. Update.

Hi! I'm Sugar!

UPDATE: June 11, 2013
Per Megan: “Sugar has been moved to a double wide kennel, new kennel number is 128. The staff is making every reasonable, available move they can.”

I’ve mentioned my friend and Scout’s trainer before. Her name is Megan and she’s amazing. I received this letter from her the other day regarding Sugar. I’m putting it out on social media in the hopes we can find her a home. Megan articulates it better than I can so am just posting her letter to me. Please help spread the word. The rescues in California are full and there are many dogs in need of help just now. Sugar is lucky to have Megan helping. Can we do this? Thank you!

Sugar Smiles!
Sugar getting some sugar from Megan!

Dear Teri:

I’m wondering if you might be able to help with a dog. I volunteer at the south county shelter in Bonita twice a week. Every time I go, I’ve been training and playing with a red Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Sugar! , and she has really stolen a piece of my heart! Sugar is one year old. She has been at the shelter since March 23rd and I started training with her April 11th. I am the only one who gets her out. Unfortunately 20-30 minutes twice a week is not enough and being at the shelter is stressful and is taking a toll on her mentally. One can only imagine being in a kennel 24/7 surrounded by barking dogs and loud noises with very limited social interaction. It would be so awesome for her to find a home!

Though she is short, she is solid and is about 55 lbs. She is already spayed. She knows sit and down, and is pretty good at coming when called. She loves chasing toys and being petted and she’ll curl up under my legs when I sit, and if I sit on the ground she’ll lay next to me. She’s good with other dogs, though her social skills are understandably a little rusty. Her one bad habit is jumping up, but it’s easy to manage and even with the limited amount of training I’ve put in she is a thousand times better. I’m big on manners and have taught her to sit for things so she’ll sit before you toss a toy, will sit to have her leash put on and taken off, and will sit before you open a door. With the jumping, she does not know “off” as I teach what to do (tell her “sit”) instead of telling dogs what not to do or correcting what they’ve already done. Sugar is really great on leash and I’ve worked hard in teaching her to not pull. Because her jumping does need a bit of work and she is a solid, muscular dog I recommend she not go into a home with kids under about 10 years old as she could easily knock them down. Also, any dog adopted from this shelter gets a free basic obedience class from me!

Sugar is at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, South Region
5821 Sweetwater Road
Bonita, CA 91902-2219
She is in “Kennel 128, tag 746, ID# A1521915 .

If you can adopt Sugar or know someone who may be able to, please contact the above shelter. If you are interested in Sugar or have any questions, please contact Megan directly here :

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A Promise Kept. Gizmo has a home!

July 28,2011

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while.  Many of you helped in the search for a home for Gizmo so you ought to know the outcome.  Sadly, the veteran died before a home was found for his beloved Gizmo but I know he knew how much interest there was in Gizmo.  Hopefully he passed with the knowledge that Gizmo would be placed suitably.  What are the odds that another veteran who had just lost his dog ALSO named Gizmo would hear of this story and step up?  I’m not an oddsmaker but as detailed below, this is exactly what happened.

Again, thank you to all that helped in the quest to find a home for Gizmo.  Thanks to Pets for Patriots for all you do.  Thanks to Mr. and Mr. Peterman for taking Gizmo.  Thanks to social media for getting this story far and wide and a special thanks for my friend Michelle who not only brought this to my attention but went the extra mile in her efforts to help “Mr. Smith”.  May he rest in peace and may Gizmo live a long and happy dog’s life!

Jul 05, 2011

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Lyman Peterman and Gizmo

By Beth Zimmerman, Pets for Patriots

A few weeks ago we were asked to help an elderly, dying Korean War veteran find a home for his dog, Gizmo. In spite of our efforts and those of many people across the country, this hero died before his wish could be fulfilled. But fate was about to play an unlikely hand in the tale of Gizmo, a pint–sized Shih Tzu with a Great Dane–sized spirit and a love for life.

Word spread like wildfire, fueled by the urgency of the veteran’s grave condition and the prospect of his pooch being suddenly without a home or anyone to care for him. Scores of people from across the country offered to give Gizmo a new life, each with a compelling story of their own. One was the daughter of another San Diego area veteran, whose appeal was so personal and touching — and so perfect — that we had a feeling that this was “it.”

We forwarded the information to Nick Winfrey at Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, as we did with all potential adopters who contacted us. Nick is a Marine veteran who now dedicates himself to helping the countless homeless dogs and cats that find their way to Rancho Coastal; the organization is one of our charity’s outstanding shelter partners in California. Nick and I spoke about this one, very special adoption candidate. He agreed; this definitely felt like “the one.”

The woman who wrote to us is the daughter of Lyman “Tim” Peterman, a WWII veteran who will be 90 years young this month. Earlier in June, Tim lost his 15 year-old Shih Tzu dog whose name happened to be — Gizmo! Tim took daily walks with his Gizmo, and was completely bereft when the dog died after a long illness.

We wondered: was it possible that one veteran — who died, leaving his Gizmo unexpectedly homeless — could give renewed purpose to another veteran whose own Gizmo had just died?

Tim applied and was accepted as a member Patriot of our program, which entitles him to ongoing, reduced cost veterinary care and other benefits, such as direct financial support to make pet food and other basics more affordable. At nearly 90, Tim is the most senior member of our program, besting an 88 year-old Marine veteran who lives in Florida with her honorably adopted dog, Laddie. We’re proud to bring the unconditional love and joy of companion pet ownership to veterans and service members of any age, from all armed forces and from any stage of their military lives.

On June 30, Tim went to Rancho Coastal Humane Society, with his wife and daughter by his side, and honorably adopted his new Gizmo as three network television stations filmed the event. He met Chyba, a retired military K9 whose likeness graces Rancho Coastal’s Military Working Dog memorial — the first in San Diego and the only private such memorial west of the Mississippi. Speaking as one veteran to another, Tim thanked Chyba for her service.

And if all of this seems like just a sweet little pet tale, think again. Tim told his crowd of newfound admirers that this was the happiest day of his life since he was serving in the Army in Berlin, and the town crier announced that the war was over. We hear there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Today, a veteran is smiling from his heavenly perch, at peace in the knowledge that his beloved little Gizmo is bringing joy to a brother in arms.

Pets for Patriots

About Pets for Patriots
Pets for Patriots, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) charity that helps service and veteran members of the United States military honorably adopt adult and at-risk shelter pets. Its mission is to consistently give the gifts of fidelity, joy and companionship to both pet and person.  Pets for Patriots is one of the only organizations in the country dedicated to both homeless pets and military personnel at any stage of their careers and from all armed forces. The charity is a proud member of the Army AW2 Wounded Warrior Program national community support network, a national partner of the Real Warriors Campaign and is listed by the National Resource Directory for ill and wounded veterans. Visit Pets for Patriots online today and Be A Pet’s Hero(TM).

Pets for Patriots on Facebook Pets for Patriots on Twitter Pets for Patriots on youtube

©2011 Pets for Patriots, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Help! A Soldier Needs a Guardian Angel for her pets!

July 28th, 2011 update :  Shortly after this post and as a direct result of social media we found the kitty’s a home.  Thank you to all that assisted in this effort!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I will do most anything for our troops and veterans.  This though, I cannot do and am asking for your help.  I must admit, I never considered what happens when a single, deployed troop member has a pet or, in this case pets.   Enter Amelia, (or @gadsdenista on twitter) who has been tweeting about this incessantly for a while now.   Amelia is one of my newer twitter friends with a lot going on in her life but she took these kittens out of necessity when their owner’s plans fell through.  She can no longer keep them and, well, she’s a writer. I will let Amelia tell you the story:

When our service members are deployed, they’re frequently unable to find a temporary home for their pets and are forced to leave them with an animal shelter. Guardian Angel For Soldier’s Pet is a nonprofit organization created to help find foster homes for these pets so that service members may be reunited with them upon their return.

Right now, Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is looking for a home for Abraham and Sarah, two young cats in the Denver area. Sarah and Abraham’s human is already deployed, and the arrangements she had made for the cats fell through. They are very sweet, well-behaved cats, who can usually be found purring in their temporary foster mom’s lap, napping, or playing with each other. If you or someone you know can give Abraham and Sarah a nice place to live for the next 9-12 months, please contact Amelia Hamilton at We need to find them a new home by next Wednesday if at all possible.

This group places pets all around America for varying lengths of time. We need volunteers not only for foster homes, but also to help with administrative work, communications and many other roles.  If you cannot take these kitties but would like to help, please see

If  you or someone you know can foster these adorable kittens, please email Amelia at the above address, or tweet or dm either Amelia @gadsdenista or me @hipEchik .  As Amelia says, time is of the essence. Thank you, God bless, and may He  watch over our brave men and women.   I am confident we can find a foster family for these adorable cats!  Let’s Do This!!


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Don’t Get Jo Joe’d. A social media lesson.

So, I am the Twister that Brooks refers to in his post :

Fakes. What do we do when we suspect they’re among us?

I can attest to all he has written in this post and then some. Like Brooks though, I am not up for writing War and Peace tonight, so this is some of the rest of the story.

I too was duped by Jo Von Ho. This goes way back, and I honestly do not recall all the particulars of our involvement. I was on phone calls, internet chatrolls etc. with her. This was probably prior to the June primary as I was working with Anystreet to encourage help with the Chuck Devore campaign. One evening I was tweeting with Jo (aka @FemmePatriot) when Brooks dm’d me: “there is an imposter in our community”. He and I subsequently talked and it did not stop there. Without embarrassing anyone in the Anystreet organization, it would be impossible to tell you the depth of the cover up of the fraud, Jo Von Ho.  One would have thought I had learned my lesson!

As Brooks says, “fast forward” to a few weeks ago when tweets began flying requesting prayers for “Raquel” by her sister “Anamaris”.   I became emotionally invested in Raquel and tweeted a few things in the public timeline to Anamaris. I also began dm’ing with her regularly. Additionally, I DID pray for her sister.  It was not until Brooks contacted me and questioned the legitimacy of this that I stopped to think. Actually, at first, I assured him it was real. He persisted, and reminded me of Jo Von Ho so I went into action that very day. My phone records reflect that this was on 12/22.  I believe I first contacted my friend Michelle (@MichelleinCAL on twitter) in San Diego who I knew was very emotionally vested in the welfare of Raquel. (By the way, I have met Michelle in person.) I told Michelle that Brooks was skeptical of this as was I.  Michelle shared with me things that Anamaris had not told me. Notably that Raquel was at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. I immediately called UCSF and was informed that “There is no patient by the name of Raquel Esparragoza” in ANY unit at UCSF. How about a Raquel E? No, nobody by that name either. I was transferred to a supervisor who went to great lengths to search the database. There was no Raquel E at UCSF. I shared this with Michelle who also called the hospital. She got the same responses and the same careful service. We were not dismissed outright; they really looked for “our friend Raquel who is in ICU on life support”.  Michelle called to my attention that there is more than 1 UCSF phone number so; both she and I tried again. For the third time I was told that there was no Raquel E in the hospital. Michelle went into action and found a web form to email patients at UCSF.   She sent an email, it was bounced back.

Meanwhile, I checked out the dates of the twitter accounts and the facebook accounts and discovered them to be new. Raquel’s was created in mid November and Anamaris’ was created on December 14th, 2010. Additionally, Raquel had a Facebook page created in November. I know one person whose friend request was accepted during the time period that Raquel was in a coma. Hey, miracles happen. But not this time…

The details of this summation could actually fill a volume as large as War and Peace. Suffice to say; from that day forward, Michelle and I were trying to get as much information out of “Anamaris” as possible. Michelle was able to obtain Raquel’s Dr’s names: Dr’s Chen and Ueda : (see dm’s to Michelle ) which are both common names at UCSF. No first names were given but Michelle did google those names and found them to be Dr’s on staff at UCSF. Yes, it was “googlable”.  So, as I discovered was the treatment that Anamaris was posting on her timeline. All, was very googlable. We were on high alert by this time and pretty sure this was a scam, but we were being ultra cautious.

Ok, this MAY turn into “War and Peace”; Michelle  and I also spent hours checking out A multitude of LIES that Anamaris had told Michelle. For example the one about being a bail bonds person in Texas. No go there either. We tried to give every opportunity for this story to be true. It was not to be.

I could go on with the BS dm’s Anamaris sent me, and Michelle but, I think we are finished here. Michelle emailed me her dm’s which has been terribly handy since Anamaris deleted them all. We have referred back to them many times. Oddly enough, she did not delete mine. I guess I was not on her radar as much as Michelle was. I don’t know. Who’s to know what is in the mind of , what I believe to be, a terribly ill person?

Oh, additionally, I asked a pal of mine, who is connected, to check this out.  He actually did not get back to me until after Brooks posted this but he has a Dr. Friend in San Francisco who checked the data base at UCSF and NO Raquel! None! She does not exist.

What is the moral of this story? I don’t know. “Trust but Verify” or “Verify then Trust”?   Brooks planted the seed with Jo Von Ho, and he planted the seed with this fraud. Truth is, Michelle and I knew this was likely a scam going back to 12/22/10 and I feel like a wuss for not stepping up sooner. It wasn’t until Michelle and Brooks started tweeting this out this morning that I stepped up. My instincts are good, they rarely fail me, and I won’t get VonHoed again!  Additionally, next time I will speak up sooner.  I did post a comment on Anthony Martin’s (@Welshman007 on twitter) first blog post imploring him to check into this. Since no money was apparently asked for, it was ignored. In true wuss fashion, I posted it as Kristen Noel. Wuss no more. These are the facts nothing but the facts and I do attest to them. Anyone want to see proof and I will post dm’s, though that would then truly make this War and Peace.

So, there you have it. War and Peace II plus an addendum. Any additional questions and you can contact me at @hipEchik on twitter. Thank you Brooks for posting this, and for reminding me, of what is right, the truth. Thank you Michelle for being my friend and fellow sleuth! The truth prevailed! Thank you all for your prayers. Whoever did this truly needs them

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