Tragedy On The Mountain In Tennessee

The Einwechter Family
The Einwechter Family

I came across this tragedy on my friend Suzi’s Facebook page and I have to do something.   If you can help this family, please do.  I’ve linked to a local news source’s piece on this as well.  Monique, Jonathan David, and Titus were rescued from the vehicle,  but Elise, 3 and Enoch, 6 weeks drowned.

When Suzi informed us of this horrible accident she wrote :

“Imagine, if you can, putting an addition on your house so your daughter and son-in-law and their kids could move in with you, and being so excited about it because you want nothing more than to have the whole family together.
The kids arrive and you get to spend the day together…11 whole hours…, holding your new grand-baby for the first time, but you’re worried about the babies smelling the paint fumes in the new room because you just finished painting so you send them off to spend the night with friends.

They don’t make it out of the driveway because the road is narrow as it crosses the dam holding in the pond and your daughter miscalculates in the dark and into the water the car goes.

She’s able to unbuckle her seatbelt and get 2 of the kids out. Her husband jumps up on the vehicle to help”…

The grandfather…our friend…jumps in and is able to get his fingers on the buttons of the car seat restraints but the water is murky and 35 degrees and he can’t get the baby out.

By the time the EMTs arrive you’ve been able to get the mother out but her lungs are filled with mud and she’s freezing and you have her covered in 20 blankets and you’ve put on your Navy diving gear, going in over and over again, but it’s been 35 minutes and you still can’t see to get to the children.

How do you hold this? How do you ever look at your dream farm the same again? How do you cross that dam, day in and day out? How do you put pieces together whose glue had never had a chance to dry?

The entire community is coming together to provide help and support for the Einwechter family but additional financial help is needed.  Can we help them not have an immediate financial burden? Thank you all.

The Jonathan Einwechter Family Charity Fund

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The Gunny’s List & The Gunny’s Wife’s List

At a recent gathering of friends the topic of military charities arose.  We’ve been concerned with some disturbing facts recently released about extraordinarily high overhead, administrative costs and irregularities among such entities.  We want to support our troops and our veterans but we also want to know that as much of our donations as possible go to helping our  troops.   Our friends & neighbors, April & Nick Popaditch offered to vett some military charities and true to their word, they did.  Below is the Gunny’s list and the Gunny’s Wife’s list of their favorite military charities.   Our trusted Military Charities.

Semper Fi Fund “Serving Those Who Preserve Our Freedom” Karen Guenther, President, Chief Executive Officer, and founder Karen Guenther, registered nurse with more than two decades of experience and the spouse of an active duty United States Marine Corps Colonel, is the inspiration behind the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund: a nonprofit organization supporting the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation “Celebrating 50 Years of Honoring Marines By Educating Their Children” Margaret B. Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer Margaret was appointed President and CEO of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation in March 2009. Margaret is a granddaughter of a WWI Marine Corporal. Married to retired Marine Major General Andrew “Drew” Davis, and also has a daughter in the Marine Corps, 2nd LT Katharine Davis.

Thank you in advance for giving what you can to help our troops.  As you well know, it is the private sector’s generosity that makes a world of difference in the lives of our troops. It’s Christmas as I write this but this post will be disseminated often.  Please, whenever you see this post, dig deep in the spirit of Christmas.   Your donation can make a world of difference in the life of a service member.  Thank you and, Semper Fi from the four of us in San Diego.  April, Nick, Teri & James

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