Author: afterdark


San Diego Emergency Rooms are extremely busy at their best…During this FLU scare, they are simply overwhelmed. The very best wait time averages 3 hours and that is between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning.  It is not Atypical to wait up to 18 hours in a San Diego E.R. before you Wait again to see a Dr.

Your options, per the experts, are thus :  If not a true emergency; do NOT go to the Emergency Room.  If you are Unsure if it is a TRUE emergency, err on the side of caution and DO go.  If at all possible, contact your Primary Care Physician first for an actual Medical opinion regarding what to do.

Finally, please remember to utilize “Urgent Care Centers” strategically placed throughout the County.  Check with your Insurance Company prior to an emergent/urgent medical situation in order to determine the level of coverage you have.  Typically Urgent Care Centers will be covered at a greater percentage and lesser Co-Pay than Emergency Rooms.

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